Our Quality Control and Assurances Program

Our quality control process was designed so that our client's always get exactly what was requested.  Transworld Construction closely follows what is on paper in the contract document as well as the architect’s instructions.

Prior to construction, Transworld Construction holds a startup meeting with the owner and the project subcontractors.  During this time, we go over the job conditions, safety, parking, security, schedule, emergency phone numbers, contact lists, building access for personnel and materials and project document requirements.

During the construction process, Transworld Construction consistently coordinates with all subcontractors and the owners for each phase of the office area, including layout, studs, rough-in MEPS, cover-up, ceilings, finishes, doors, frames and hardware.  Our goal is to keep all parties current on quality, schedule and inspection requirements.  Weekly subcontractor meetings are held.  These meetings are designed to provide a 3-week look-ahead schedule, safety training, and MEP trade coordination and meeting minutes.

At a logical time early in the process, our project manager will obtain from the appropriate subcontractor, supplier or consultant an actual sample of the type of work performed to ensure that the quality is of an acceptable level.  In some cases, a mock-up outside of the actual area of construction may be necessary.

Typical examples of samples, which might be selected and identified, are:

-Concrete finish work
-Masonry walls (alignment, joints, etc.)
-Precast concrete, GFRC, granite, marble, etc
-Door and frames
-Tile and Formica finishes
-Window wall systems
-Specialty items (installed hardware, fixtures, etc.)
-Ceiling systems
-Roofing system(s) (including flashings)

Transworld Construction also holds Safety Tailgate Training for our craftsperson and subcontractors, focusing on project specific issues.  All safety training, site inspection reports and related logs are also copied to the owner.  Further, our company coordinates site access, parking and deliveries with the owner's security and project team to ensure our construction does not interfere with the owner's production, traffic or other construction activities.