Scope of work:                      

New building including six classrooms, an art classroom, new multi-purpose room with kitchen, new library, new play yard, and upgrade new technology data cabling in the existing building.

Total Contract:                      $ 4,577,500.00

Project Manager:                  Erik Liu

Site Superintendent:             Danny Lo

Start Date:                             October 11, 1999

Completion Date:                  September 2000

Percentage of Work By Transworld:      35%

Owner: San Francisco Unified School District
Facilities Development & Management
135 Van Ness Avenue
Room 407
San Francisco, CA  94102     

Architect: Levi Design Partners

Founding Agency: State of California

MBE/WBE Subcontractor Goals:

Percentage of MBE Subcontract:     53 %

Percentage of WBE Subcontract:                   6 %

Percentage of LBE Subcontract:       53 %